Meet The Trainers

Jamie-Minor2Jamie Minor


Jamie has been a registered yoga teacher since 2006 when she earned her RYT 200 certification from the Yoga Alliance.  She is trained to teach both Power Yoga and Hot yoga and has taught hundreds and hundreds of classes in the Twin Cities.  She has also been fortunate to be able to share her passion for teaching yoga with others by leading many Teacher Training Certification Programs as well.  In addition to teaching classes and training others to teach, she has attended many workshops to study under several nationally known yoga instructors.  Jamie is also very active in the gym and enjoys weight lifting, circuit training and training with her husband, Tyrone Minor, certified trainer, founder and owner of Chizel, Inc. and The F.I.T. Lab, Co.  She creatively combines her background in yoga and weightlifting to enhance her client’s physical fitness level and mind/body connection.

You can reach Jamie at

3Theresa Behnke



Theresa Behnke (RYT) has her 200-hour power yoga certification, certification to teach yoga sculpt and advanced training certifications. She has taught young children through elderly clients how to be present in the bodies they are in through vinyasa and hatha classes tailored to individual’s needs. With her coaching and teaching background, Theresa has specialized in working with injury rehabilitation and yoga, and she has brought her love of laughter and lightness to her students by mindfully helping them let go of that in their lives that does not serve them. Having battled bulimia and after three knee surgeries on one knee, Theresa is convinced that yoga has literally saved her life: she passes on that life by teaching from a seat of service that seeks to honor those in her classes.You can reach Theresa by coming to a class of hers at The Fit Lab, Inc. or by contacting her at

1Michelle Anderson



My name is Michelle Anderson. I am a mother of three and an ACE certified personal trainer. My motto is that it is never to late to change your life and achieve your goals. I know what it is like to be 200 pounds and have to work your way back into shape. It is not easy and it is not something that happens overnight but I am here to tell you that it can be done and I will be here to support you in your fitness journey. I will challenge you and push you beyond where you thought you could go!

2Donato De Quarto



Donato is a health and strength coach from Taranto, Italy. He has a B.S. In Physical Education and Sports from the University of Perugia, Italy; in 2012, Donato earned a Master’s in Science and Technique of Preventive and Adaptive Sports Activities from the University of Ferrara, Italy. His physical fitness focus is assessing motor and sports activity levels for all different age groups; a method he practices to customize physical fitness plans. The overall goal is to increase your quality of life; to have your body working the best it possibly can.

4Thomas Lee

His dynamic fitness background and studies are in weight loss/management, nutrition, corrective exercise, sports performance, small group, semi-private, and corporate wellness. A passion for health and fitness lead him to focus his life and career in fitness training and nutrition coaching. Outside of the gym, he loves to stays active rock climbing, camping, snowboarding, or strumming his old guitar.

Favorite quote- Today I will do what others won’t, so that tomorrow I can do what others can’t. (Author Unknown)


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