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Mind Over Matter

Physical fitness begins before you start moving – with intention. Transformation of one’s mindset is a core component of achieving your fitness goals and maintaining your results. For many of us breaking down and stepping through mental/emotional barriers is part of the journey.


Our Health Is Our Business

“Our health is our business that we can take full responsibility for what we’re doing — that we can change our own lives and the lives of those around us by modeling what ought to be. And so, I am so glad and proud of…


Weightloss: Fruits & Vegetables

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention   Fruits and vegetables are important in promoting good health, including helping to lose or manage weight   Although some progress has been seen lately, childhood obesity is still a major public health problem. Approximately 17% of US children…


Exercises You Can Do at Home by Tyrone Minor

Bodyweight Squats Standing with your legs shoulder with apart, chest out (air filled) and maintain a natural curve in your spine. Make sure to bend at the knees, not the waist, keeping your center of gravity (weight and balance) on your heels and abs contracted...