Mind Over Matter

Physical fitness begins before you start moving – with intention. Transformation of one’s mindset is a core component of achieving your fitness goals and maintaining your results.

For many of us breaking down and stepping through mental/emotional barriers is part of the journey.

As part of our 10-week program participants have access to a full team of professionals, including a mental health consultant/life coach.
Dr. Darren D. Moore is a part of our team and is here to help keep you motivated, keep you sane, and help you to address any mental health or other barriers that may prevent you from being successful.

Moore is available to consult with participants via Skype; Facetime; Email; Text; Phone and Social Media (Dr. Darren D. Moore “THE MOORE Therapy Movement” ) You can even send him a smoke signal, providing it’s not coming from your lungs! Well actually, he’s willing to meet you where you’re at.

Meet Dr.Darren D Moore:

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