Hydration is Key by Tyrone Minor

Hydration is Key by Tyrone Minor

Fit-Pic-4Fire, air, earth & water are the essential elements to human existence. Of the four, water is the one element we can control daily for healthy living. Research of the human body reveals that the human body is made up of approximately 70% water; because of this fact, humans can go without food for about one month but will die in three to five days without water. Although water is ingested in the body by eating plants, meats and drinking beverages, the best way is by drinking it in its natural state.

In addition to the reasons stated above, here are some additional reasons everyone should attempt to drink at least 80+ ounces (10 cups) of water per day:

• Water assures normal functioning of the heart, cells and digestive tract.
• Water aids in maintaining healthy skin.
• Dehydration can impair concentration, athletic and fitness performance.
• Hydrating during the day can help one perform cognitive tasks.
• Water can help keep energy levels up.
• Water helps regulate your body’s temperature.
• Water cushions joints and protects tissues and organs like the brain.
• Blood, which is primarily water, helps transport nutrients.
• Water flushes out toxins and waste.
• Water can help stave off hunger pangs.
• Drinking 40+ ounces can help decrease the risks of certain cancers.
• Water is especially important for those who exercise and live in hot climates.
• Water is also important for those who consume caffeine and alcohol (both dehydrate the body).

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