Get That Summer Beach Body by Tyrone Minor

Get That Summer Beach Body by Tyrone Minor

Fit-Pic-8Do you want to tone up your midsection? Define your shoulders and arms? Wear that outfit that turns heads in the summer? Then follow these tips to help you get there:

• Perform compound strength training movements. Compound movements are those movements that focus on large muscle groups (e.g. back, shoulders, chest & legs) and involve exercises that work multiple muscles groups, joints and ligaments. An example would be squats for the legs, core and upper body or push-ups for the chest, arms shoulders, core and back.

• Eat every two to three hours, preferably including some form of protein at each meal. Eating smaller meals throughout the day will accomplish a few things. First, it will make certain that your body has the fuel to perform all activities for the day. Second, it will keep blood sugar (glucose) levels stable. When people experience a drop in their blood glucose levels, they are much more likely to overeat. Third, it will make certain that your body does not break down it’s own tissue (muscle) for energy. Fourth, it will keep a person’s metabolism (rate at which your body burns calories) going, similar to adding logs to a fire.

• Eat breakfast everyday. Skipping breakfast is one of the worst things you can do. As mentioned above, eating frequently keeps one’s metabolism going and breakfast is the key meal that jump starts your metabolism, particularly after hours of fasting while sleeping.

• Drink plenty of water. Water is a key ingredient in the formula to increase a person’s metabolism. See my previous blog on hydration and the importance of consuming water.

• Go to bed. Not only is sleep essential for normal body functioning, it also plays a major role in influencing our metabolism. Adequate sleep equips our bodies with the right tools to combat weight gain. During sleep our bodies produce certain hormones that influence feelings of fullness and satisfaction after a meal (leptin), as well as one’s that stimulate our appetite (ghrelin). When a person is sleep deprived, their body’s level of leptin falls while their ghrelin levels rise. This causes the person to feel hungrier without ever feeling satisfied. Consequently, they will eat more and more and eventually gain more weight. Furthermore, tons of research shows that people who sleep less, gain more weight. In addition to the aforementioned reasons, they are simply more likely to consume more calories and make more poor eating choices. This is even more detrimental when you consider that our metabolism is typically slower in the evening when we are generally less active.

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