Fitness Facts by Tyrone Minor

Fitness Facts by Tyrone Minor

Fit-Pic-5Metabolism is the rate at which a person burns calories. People burn calories at rest, while sleeping, eating and exercising among other things. A person’s metabolism is influenced by a host of things including but not limited to the amount of lean mass they have, their lifestyle (active or sedentary) and their diet.

3500 calories = 1 pound – This is an important fact for people trying to lose weight or gain lean mass. Gaining weight requires taking in more calories than you burn off while losing weight requires a caloric deficit. This caloric deficit can be accomplished by eating less, exercising more or both. The latter is the best option considering eating less alone can slow down a person’s metabolism.

Fat = 9 calories per gram, Carbohydrates and Protein = 4 calories per gram – These facts can be used to help an individual understand how food can influence one’s weight.

Water has 0 calories. Water is a tremendous tool to help people lose weight or gain muscle. Water also serves a host of other functions (see previous entry on hydration). Best of all, water is easily accessible and cheaper than most beverages.

Body Composition can be defined as the rate of muscle tissue to fat. If you want to change your appearance you may need to pay less attention to the scale and more attention to your body composition. Body composition can be changed by eating a proper diet and exercising (strength training and cardiovascular training). Generally speaking, positively changing one’s body composition (i.e. losing body fat while increasing lean mass) is one factor in improving one’s overall health.


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