3 Fitness Myths by Tyrone Minor

3 Fitness Myths by Tyrone Minor

Fit-Pic-7Muscle turns to fat. When people are sedentary (not active or engaging in physical activity), their muscle tissue actually gets smaller (atrophy), it does not turn to fat. Muscle tissue never turns into fat tissue.

Dieting alone is the best way to lose weight. Although people lose weight when they restrict their caloric intake (reduce the amount of food they consume) without exercising, the weight they lose most likely can be attributed to a loss in muscle. With that being said, the best way to lose weight is by healthy eating and performing two types of exercise, cardiovascular training (those things that raise the heart rate) and strength training (exercise with resistance).
Crunches will make your stomach flat. An awesome six or eight-pack is truly one of the most coveted physical features in today’s society. The question is, how does one get one? The truth is, your abdominal muscles show when you’re body fat is low. You can do thousands of crunches a day, but unless you’re genetically blessed, eating a relatively clean diet of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins & fats and engaging in cardiovascular as well as strength training exercises, you will probably never get the mid-section you desire. The difference between seeing your abs or not lies in the amount of fat around your mid-section. The only way to see them is by reducing the amount of fat around your belly. This can best be accomplished by performing exercises that work the entire body. It should be noted that when a person does lose fat, they will lose fat throughout their body not just in their midsection.

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