10 Diet Tips for 2014 by Tyrone Minor

10 Diet Tips for 2014 by Tyrone Minor

Fit-Pic-9If you’re a person who wants to be more fit in 2014, start by changing  the way you eat. Research has shown that if 10% of the total calories that you consume consist of saturated fat, you are at a greater risk of raising your blood cholesterol levels. High blood cholesterol levels places a person at a  greater risk for developing heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States

To reduce your risk of developing high blood cholesterol levels, try following these 10 tips.

1) Limit your intake of fried foods. Instead grill, bake, broil or poach whenever possible.
2) Limit your intake of gravies and sauces. Most gravies and sauces are made with fat.
3) Limit your intake of alcohol. Alcohol, particularly mixed drinks, can even raise blood pressure and may be deceptively high in calorie content.
4) Hold the condiments and added fats. Many salad dressings and cooking oils contain a lot of fat.
5) Eat poultry instead of red meat. Poultry usually contains less fat. If you eat beef or pork, stick to lean cuts.
6) Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals and fiber.
7) Eat from the sea. Foods such as salmon and tuna contain heart healthy fats. Avoid oil-based if possible.
8) Eat complex carbohydrates. Opt for whole-grain rice, cereal and breads, not processed (e.g. white bread).
9) Read the labels. Pay close attention the number of fat grams per serving. Choose those lower in fat grams.
10) Drink more water. Increasing one’s water intake can increase energy, improve digestion and help facilitate weight loss among many other benefits.

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